About Us

PACIFICWEST AMERICA, INC. (PWA) has been in business for over eighteen (18) years. Our specialty is Precision Manufacturing Services, including Cable Assemblies, RF/Microwave Connectors, CNC Machining, Stamping, Metal Fabrication, Printed Circuit Boards, Flex Circuits & Membrane Switches. We are the experts in manufacturing services.

  • Trusted Source For Precision Manufacturing
  • Great performance
  • Highest Quality
  • Friendly service

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Products & Services

Cable Assemblies: RF/Microwave - Flat Ribbon - AC/DC Power

RF/Microwave Connectors: Cable Type - Bulkhead Type - PCB Type

  • Precision Manufacturing Services for Metal Fabrication and Electronics.
  • We are highly dependable and offer our customers high precision metal fabrication, circuit board fabrication, and assembly.

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