Metal Fabrication

Precision Machining Capabilities

RF Connectors consist of small intricately machined parts that are then assembled. Our CNC Mills, Lathes and Swiss Screw Machines, used in the manufacture of these connectors, can and are used to manufacture other high precision metal or plastic machine parts for our customers. One of our customers has us machine high volumes of precision parts used in their lasers. From tiny threaded parts that accurately focus the laser, to housings that hold the laser diodes, to springs, our expertise can be put to use for your applications. We also make special machined mounts for antennas.

Precision Metal Stampings and Sheet Metal

Many of our RF Cable Assemblies and PCB Assemblies are mounted in metal housings or on brackets that we fabricate. We also design and fabricate a variety of antenna mounts for customers using SolidWorks software. If you are rolling out a large installation where you need to mount antennas from different manufacturers on one bracket, we can help design and build it for you.  Our brackets are also used to mount video cameras on poles for surveillance applications. Many of the surveillance applications use RF cables and antennas. So we have a real synergy by selling all these items and supporting our customers with a one stop engineering shop.


For our telecom customers that are doing installations we are good at kitting hardware with our fabricated items and shipping to multiple locations across the North American continent. We can do this on a just in time basis to facilitate ease of installation.

Metal Fabricating Equipment

Support equipment

  • 300 Amp Lincoln Tig Welder
  • 200 Amp Miller Heliarc Center
  • 100 Amp Spot Welders (Comp Cont)
  • 2 Heagar Pem Inserting Machines
  • Yuasa Auto Tapping Machine
  • Drill Presses
  • Bank of Four Production Drill Presses
  • 19″ Time Saver Graining Machine
  • 50 cu ft and 10 cu ft Vibrator Deburring Machine
  • 16″ Chop Saw
  • 7,000 lb and 2,000 lb Fork Lifts
  • 14′ Stake Bed Delivery Truck

Tooling/machine shop

  • 2 Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machines
  • 1 Wells Index Vertical Milling Machine
  • 1 15″ Polamco Lathe
  • Harvel Surface Grinder
  • Wells & Sons Hyd. Horizontal Saw
  • Mitsubishi FX 10 Wire EDM
  • 1 Herco Vertical Milling Machine
  • 1 Kempsmith Horizontal Milling Machine
  • 1 17″ Leblond Lathe
  • Brown & Sharpe Surface Grinder
  • Grob Vertical Saw w/ Positive Feed
  • 10 Haas CNC Mills & Lathes

Sheet metal department

  • 1 Amada EM2510 Punch Press
  • 2 Amada 1225 NJ Auto Loaders
  • Amada Astro HE100 Robotic Brake
  • Amada RD-33 Press Brake
  • 1 Amada Vipros 255 Punch Press
  • 1 Amada 244 NC Punch Press
  • Amada RG-80 Press Brake
  • Amada 316-10 Shear w/NC BG

Press room

  • 1 Minster 7 OBI 75 Tons
  • 1 Niagra 40 Ton Gap Frame
  • 1 Verson 300 Ton Gap Frame
  • 1 Minster 6 OBI 60 Tons
  • 1Pacific Press Former (Hydraulic)
  • 4 Bench Masters 2 to 25 Tons

Inspection tools

  • Micro Flat Surface Tables
  • Vernier Height Gage
  • Vernier Calipers
  • Various Pin Gages
  • Height Gage w/ Digital Read Out
  • Micrometers
  • Gauge Block
  • Coordinate Measuring Machines
  • Go No-go Thread Gauges. ¬†Including Ultra Fine Threads