Pacific West America, Inc. is an innovative high-tech manufacturer that offers connectivity solutions for America’s wireless infrastructure and devices. Our RF Connectors are available with any series of flexible cable as well as semi-rigid cable and are assembled per your requirements. We are a leading manufacturer of DIN 7/16, N-Type, SMA, TNC, MMCX, board mount, edge mount, cable type, sealed. We offer a vast array of connectivity solutions and specialize in working with engineers and manufacturers on custom connectors and cable assemblies that can be designed to meet exact requirements. We offer excellent values with the highest quality performance. Many of our high volume connectors and cable assemblies are used to connect Antennas to PCBs in GPS and Telecommunications equipment. We offer large DIN 7/16 Adapters on panels for DAS installations. If you have any questions, please contact us at sales1@pacificwestamerica.com so we can offer solutions that deliver success.


PACIFICWEST AMERICA, INC. provides a full range of accessories for use in an array of markets and applications. Custom mounting solutions for antennas and equipment, as well as splitters, tappers, combiners, quadraplexers and other connectivity products used in commercial installations. Specially engineered products to meet most microwave requirements. Our knowledge of RF Engineering is ready to work for you when you contact us.

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