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For precision CNC Machining, Pacific West America is the place to go! We specialize in commercial CNC Machining for electronic products, like connectors, housings, spacers, knobs, mounts, heatsinks and more.

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About Us

PACIFIC WEST AMERICA, INC. (PWA) has been in business for over twenty (20) years. Our specialty is Precision Manufacturing Services, including CNC Machining, Stamping, Printed Circuit Boards, Cable Assembly, RF/Microwave Connectors,   Flex Circuits & Membrane Switches. We are the experts in manufacturing services.

  • Trusted Source For Precision Manufacturing
  • Great performance
  • Highest Quality
  • Friendly service

Products & Services

Cable Assembly: RF/Microwave – Flat Ribbon – Data Cables
RF/Microwave Connectors: Cable Type – Bulkhead Type – PCB Type

  • Precision Manufacturing Services for Metal Fabrication and Electronics.
  • We are highly dependable and offer our customers high precision metal fabrication, circuit board fabrication, and assembly.